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Sandi Quinlan (Stone)
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November 02, 1945 Retired teacher Married 2
See you there!
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Judy Race (Tabor)
April 07, 1945 Retired Married 3
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Sandra Ranta, Taylor (Simpson)
August 24, 1945 Psychiatric Technician Single 2
I am hoping to see candy nash, linda torgeson, sandy williams, and many more that remembers me as well.  I am looking forward to seeing everyone.  I personnly hate growing old I think It sucks big time.  Who ever said grow old gracefully had to be in their twenties.  Anyway that is my humble opinion.  See you all in July.
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Kent Richmond
Retired Married 4
My wife and I will be attending, so put us down for 2!
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Doug Sarubbi
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retired biotech sales Married 1
Picture is of me and my best little buddy, my grandson Micah.

50 years? Yeah, time enough for marriage, divorce, parenthood, grandparenthood, war, surviving cancer, getting my wife through cancer and 10,000 other interesting events.

What I wouldn't give to be 18 and do it all over again - maybe a little smarter the second time.

Look forward to seeing everybody.

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Paula Smith (Waters)
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August 02, 1945 Retired Married 2
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Robert Smith
August 01, 1944 Electrical Business Owner 2
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Ned Stageberg
February 05, 1945 Nat'l Defense Single

It does a heart good to find out the ole "grey matter" can
remember many, Montgomey AND Herbert Slater besides
a couple Bennet Valley Union "kids", names after 51 years.  Yes, I graduated from MHS, but sadly it was Mesa HS of Mesa, Az.   After 11 years in Santa Rosa public schools, my Dad HAD to move our family to a hotter/drier environment for health reasons.  We stayed in Mesa....Mom, Dad, my
younger brother. me and 2 cats lived in a 21 ft. Airstream travel trailer...just long enough for my Senior year (not long enough to make many long-term friends), then moved to Tucson, Az.

Finally, how can a Norwegian ever forget to mention that he is a VIKING through and through!!!!!  Am planning to attend
both Friday & Saturday activities and I can arrive a couple days early to help out.

Bonnie Hall (Meyer) and Renny have e-mail.
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Rennie Stark
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Science Teacher Married 4
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Penny Terry (Hilburn)
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So looking forward to seeing and catching up with everyone.
We had an awesome class!!
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