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Ian Cook
RETIRED Married 3
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Stephen Crumm
Custodian Married 2
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Norma Davis (Terra)
May 20, 1945 retired Married 3

Some junior College accounting and business classes, I married and had 3 children and raised them doing waitressing.  I then worked as a accountant for a Goverment Company for 10 yrs and then to Silicon Valley for work as an accountant for another 10 yrs. for a company that made and sold connectors for computers, etc.   Have 6 wonderful Grandchildren along with 6 wonderful step Grandchildren. 
I am so happy and excited that this has come together.  You guys all deserve a big thank you for all the work you are doing to get this long overdue Reunion together. 

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Dan Defoe
Profile picture
Profile picture
April 16, 1945 retired school teacher Married 2

7 years ago I noticed several lumps in my neck. A biopsy was done and I was then told I had 3-5 yrs to live. Some Christian friends arrived at my home in 15 min to pray and lay their hands on me.

Its been over 7 yrs now and I remain cancer free, with no treatments (except the healing prayers)-in fact the lumps are gone. (I had been a Christian since age 30 but had never really understood the will of God.) Psm 103 says "He forgives all our sins and heals all our diseases. He is not a capricious God. He loves us like a good Father would. He keeps His promises to heal,to forgive, and to save us from an eternity of torment.

We are all way past our prime. At 68 our time is short. Proverbs 90 tells us we will probably make it to 70 and maybe 80 if we avoid dissapation and disease. But dont blink because the last 12 or so yrs will blaze by before you know it.                  

Some of you are already "born again" and have a secured and certain eternity. Others may be involved in false beliefs or have simply put God on hold. Time is running out. God will give you want you want. Love Him back and heaven awaits. Ignore or reject Him and suffer an eternity of sorrow. (It is no longer I who live but Jesus Christ in me. I now live by faith in the One who first loved me and willingly died for me (and You) on the cross. Gal 2:20 (1Jn 4:10,5:13, 3:16, Matt. 7:22-23)

I would love to hear from you now, but my prayer is to see you in heaven. Now that will be a reunion!  May God bless you   Dan Defoe "class of 63"

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Sheila Delimont
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Retired Planning Director/Artist Married 2
 I'm looking forward to seeing everyone after all these years!
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Paul deSousa
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October 31, 1945 Instructional Designer ~ Media Producer Married 2
We moved to Michigan in 1999 for my wife's career reasons. We landed on a unique country property on a hill in the woods 25 miles due west of Ann Arbor. Since being here, I worked for myself a few years, then for Ford, and now University of Michigan School of Public Health. I consult with faculty and staff transforming their classrooom based instruction to on line classes. I also produce media related to above. I love my work, I love our home and our two dogs -- Vizslas: Woody and Rusty. We are very, very lucky. 
This spring I bought a BMW K1300S which is a full on rocket motorcycle which I use to commute to work (in the summer when its not snow and ice). I love my motorcycle.
I really look forward to a trip to California and the reunion, seeing everyone. The "then" picture is Mary McDougall and me, some kind of Junior Prom deal.The "now" picture is me playing with a snake in Bangkok where I traveled on a Ford trip a few years ago. It didn't kill me though I know in its' heart it really is tired of being a prop for tourists and would love to strangle them all, especailly its' owner.
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Ron Dodge
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Profile picture
farmer Married 2
After I retired from UPS and  wife, Sandy, from teaching, then our son and daughter were graduated, employed, and moved out we began our full time careers as volunteers for local non profit organizations. We also travel (picture was taken in Sedona, AZ during a trip to the Southwest) and we recently returned from Alaska, a week on land and another on a cruise ship. Send Ron a MessageSend Ron a Message
Bonnie Duiff (Swanson)
July 27, 1945 Retired 6
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Donna Epidendio (Morgan)
December 25, 1945 Married 3
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Mike Faaborg (Nelson)
Retired Married 5
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